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Didento Co. is an emerging dental equipment and instruments producer, by a single purpose: to partner with professionals to improve live of people across the globe. Didento Co. helps its partners deliver the best possible patient care through industry-leading products, solutions, and technology.

Upcoming Exhibitions

 35th SIDC 2024

18-20 January 2024

AEEDC Dubai 2024

Booth No. 1D04, Hall No. 01

6 – 8 February, 2024


26 – 28 February, 2024

IDEX 2024

08 – 11 May, 2024

The innovative minds at Didento Co. help dental professionals to deliver the best possible patient care.

As dental professionals do more than create healthy, beautiful smiles, they put confidence on faces of people. To achieve their goals, they need a pioneer. Here at Didento Co., we help medical professionals to bring these smiles back on people’s faces.

Implant Kits

Implants replace missing teeth and act just like your natural teeth


Sinus Lift Kits

Perform crestal and lateral sinus lifts without fear of membrane damage with Didento Sinus Lift Kits

Burs Dental Kits

Didento Burs with Aggressive Carbide Cutting Blades for Crown Preparation

Bone Expander Kit

Bone Expander Kit. Increasing satisfaction of implant surgery through reducing the pain by minimizing the flap open with this system.

Bone Drill kits

Bone expander drills are an alternative to osteotomes for the expansion and condensing of the atrophic mandible and maxilla.

Conical Dental Kits

Dental implant conical external irrigation drills kit / Conical drills kit. Implant compact organized conical external irrigation drills kit.

Our Products Line

Transforming the Dental Industry

Didento Co. portfolio

The Didento Co. portfolio is dedicated to supporting, expanding, and improving how dental professionals care for their patients.

Innovative solutions

Focused on innovation and the future of the dental health and awareness landscape, we provide quality products and solutions for the dental offices, stock importers, and dental industry brands and beyond.

Wide range of dental equipment and supplies

Our comprehensive production line, including dental implantology and treatment options, orthodontics, periodontics, preservation, endodontics, dental prosthetics and supplies, dental container and tray system covers most of dentists' clinical needs for diagnosing, treating, and preventing dental conditions to improve the human smile.

Our professionals work with you to provide
all the dental treatment you need

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